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2021-06-17 16:00:32I guess it a bad day today. Tomorrow hopefully will be better. $GOEV, $WISH, $FSR.
2021-06-15 09:47:30My $FSR Valuation Model and Why FSR is a HUGE Short Squeeze Opportunity
2021-06-13 21:57:54YOLO on FSR bull run
2021-06-13 11:26:15FSR, 53k gain, still hold until FSR reaches my target sell limit price 30.
2021-06-09 11:03:49Thoughts on FSR?
2021-06-08 22:23:51FSR keeps going up. Congratulations to FSR holders. This is my FSR YOLO, as of 06/08/2021. FSR is still green after hours.
2021-06-08 08:51:41$CLNE & $FSR YOLOing my college savings (I work full-time no mommy/daddy to help me)
2021-06-08 00:05:55FSR YOLO, my SEP account. Holding until Their first OCEAN car release.
2021-06-07 11:00:12Fisker (FSR) is breaking through the $17 wall today.

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