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2022-09-18 19:03:03Am I going crazy?? I thought GME peaked in the hundreds, why is this showing otherwise?
2022-09-18 13:01:52$GME and $GODS.X... O wow, Buckle up yall!
2022-09-18 06:15:28If Ramsfeld Cheney did 9/11 to hide 2.3T dollars and Epstein-Donald Barr-Enron, imagine, fking IMAGINE what they are gonna do to hide 10T $ and current GME and memestocks scandals
2022-09-18 03:25:44AMC and GME after the Fed announcement
2022-09-18 02:59:41GME is *not* a 'nearly bankrupt company' and hasn't been for over a year.
2022-09-17 18:16:55GME brother spotted in MI
2022-09-17 15:58:45GME?
2022-09-17 05:01:462nd YOLO BET THIS WEEK i just sold some spy puts for a whooping 10k profit turning 12k into 22k. I then took all of that and bought GME shares for a short term OPEX bull rally. WHOOOOOS WITH ME DEGENS
2022-09-17 01:41:01my regarded, poor GME yolo, will have to ask wife s boyfriend for more ammo for atm weeklies next week
2022-09-17 01:32:04GME Opinion for the next month (i am 50% in)
2022-09-16 09:16:26YOLO 420K to GME and VIX calls. To the moon or to the grave ladies and gentlemen!!!
2022-09-16 06:12:39$GME Really Held up Good Against the $SPY Drop
2022-09-16 05:25:51GME OPEX next week. $31k YOLO let s ride!
2022-09-16 05:12:58GME YOLO - Food Stamps right around the corner
2022-09-15 22:16:58GME MACD CROSS ON DAILY YESTERDAY - Time to YOLO cuz it's gonna run! Look at the history on daily for past 2 years. Only time it was weak was dec 2021 cuz of holidays. Almost always big ups!
2022-09-14 13:01:04For all of those GME, AMC, and BBBY Bagholders...
2022-09-13 07:31:26$GME performed rather well on this new of economic collapse. Still buying this market hedge like the stock is under 50 bux. . Stay Diamond My Friends!
2022-09-12 05:36:27GME is going to have an increase this week. There is a positive MACD crossover primed to happen tomorrow
2022-09-12 03:32:42WSB when a new GME DD drops that indicates new squeeze-potential.
2022-09-11 11:36:31Little gain ***** for those of you who forgot what that looks like. You can clearly see where I banked on the Big Squeeze ($GME Jan 21). Rolled most gains into asset classes I can't mention here, but up 20 fold this. Cheers.
2022-09-11 02:59:29What do you guys think of shorting GME?
2022-09-11 02:57:16I think I found the next GME guys
2022-09-11 00:46:03Every once and a while got to Take those GME gainz to the track
2022-09-09 22:20:03Really deep and interesting scientific report on WSB building power to unleash on GME
2022-09-09 07:52:33Opps, did $GME close the week above MaxPain?. Yeup, sure did.
2022-09-08 10:57:13More reasons why GME will continue to jump.
2022-09-08 10:43:36You are witnessing Hedge Funds Panic! DON'T SELL! GME Gang. BBBY Gang. RISE UP! Its Power to the Traders Now!
2022-09-08 09:44:01It s time for a government bailout of GME shareholders at $10,000 per share. This would be roughly equivalent to the $700 billion bank bailout in 08 that was necessary to prevent systemic risk .
2022-09-08 06:09:37Will GME hit below $20 tomorrow?
2022-09-08 04:56:22GME Puts you love to see it
2022-09-08 00:46:33The real infinite money glitch: selling cash secured puts on $GME

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