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2022-08-12 22:20:31Lemonade Insurance $LMND shows the Power of Insurance Bundle Q2 Metromile $MILE acquisition will be a huge home run allowing $LMND to deliver a full insurance bundle absorbing massive market share from old legacy providers that offer dumb TV Ads which insult the consumer.
2022-08-12 21:36:45Apes good job $LMND Lemonade Short Float % per drops 5% from whopping 32% to just over 27% stock price last 10 days goes 22 to 32/share
2022-08-12 07:27:03Apes you are missing out on the Short Squeeze of the decade Lemonade $LMND 32% of Float Shorted. Shorty under estimated the power of insurance bundle and Metromile acquisition $MILE
2022-08-11 02:15:23Lemonade Insurance $LMND squeeze Shorty 32% of float shorted per
2022-08-09 01:02:19Where are the apes as Lemonade $LMND releases a blow out Q2 Shorts hold 32% of float

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