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2022-01-13 23:53:02Alright Friday payday. About to load up even more of $OPFI. Easiest money making play out there. I mean the company is so undervalued and doing buybacks on shares, high Short Interest, low float warrants in the $10.50-$20 range and the best part is it hasn t had that crazy spike yet
2022-01-13 02:09:43OPFI zero shares available, increasing SI%, undervalued company and will only take a little volume to send this to Pluto
2022-01-12 07:49:19OPFI is about to make another run. Load up now
2022-01-12 05:42:24OPFI getting ready to run. Just needs a little volume and this one will squeeze hard. Low float and high SI
2022-01-12 01:57:03OPFI is the next squeeze play. With a public float of just shy of 12.5 million shares, average volume of about 409,000 shares traded daily, and a $20 million share repurchase, that sets the stock up nicely for some upward movement. 21.73% SI

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