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2021-10-13 06:48:05Joined SDC Gang
2021-10-12 13:02:02DD - value about $SDC
2021-10-11 07:53:59SDC is a dog***** company... but they know if they can survive the short term they'll win the long term game
2021-10-11 05:52:19Another 10k onto $SDC Patiently waiting for
2021-10-11 04:41:41$SDC 25k yolo
2021-10-11 01:34:07SDC the real
2021-10-10 22:46:43SDC! Here we go baby!!!!
2021-10-10 12:07:14$SDC - The PERFECT setup! [Tech Analysis + DD] , $SDC mirroring $AMC back in May
2021-10-10 10:15:02$SDC YOLO update Oct 8 2021 - Up $40k+ in just 1 week
2021-10-09 14:45:29SDC $34K YOLO!!
2021-10-09 12:31:21$SDC - the road to a short squeeze facts & todays notes & highlights incase you missed
2021-10-08 09:46:09$SDC Day 2 - Another PERFECT day! [Tech Analysis] , see Friday chart below.
2021-10-08 07:59:05SDC 20,000 shares YOLO... READY FOR WAR!
2021-10-08 06:19:47SDC won't spike... yet.
2021-10-08 06:12:06I do too have a small Wee Wee. SDC
2021-10-08 04:18:43I m doing my part $SDC for $100k
2021-10-08 03:27:10SDC $25k YOLO
2021-10-08 02:57:29Say what you want about $SDC, this thing is about to blow. 7 days straight now at 100%Utilization and CTB at a ridiculous 34%
2021-10-08 02:04:51SDC yolo. Tick tock tick tock
2021-10-07 17:32:58$SDC (Smile Direct Club) - the road to a short squeeze facts & todays notes & highlights incase you missed
2021-10-07 09:53:05$SDC held support PERFECT today! [Tech Analysis] , see chart below.
2021-10-07 04:19:33SDC GAINZ 11k in a week

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