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2023-06-02 08:32:43TSLA 16K YOLO
2023-06-02 00:36:15I came to collect. Up $70k + on $TSLA
2023-06-01 00:46:18Up $30k on $TSLA. I came to collect.
2023-05-30 06:35:17$TSLA Profit. Scared money don't make money. Sold ALL 13.20~13.30
2023-05-30 05:20:18$TSLA puts
2023-05-28 03:43:32Calls on TSLA
2023-05-25 23:21:18$TSLA +$11k on 0DTE (position etc in bot comments) Tesla to the moon.
2023-05-25 07:15:23Puts on TSLA? (Whistleblower Drops 100 Gigabytes Of Tesla Secrets To German News Site: Report)
2023-05-25 05:55:25Rev Up Those TSLA PUTS

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