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Recent Hot Threads:

2022-05-16 11:34:35Is Papa Musk really walking away from TWTR?
2022-05-16 06:55:49$TWTR is about to get wrecked
2022-05-16 05:26:46TWTR only a matter of time until this thing collapses hard. One tweet from Elon saying analysis 10% bots would be a total disaster. So people are telling me this is bullish???
2022-05-16 01:55:58What will happen to my TWTR calls if Felon Musk acquires the company?
2022-05-15 02:39:27Conor McGregor just announced he wants to buy $TWTR
2022-05-14 01:40:58Let s do some real DD and make some money off Twitter TWTR
2022-05-13 10:46:54Gotta know when to hold'em and when to fold:em. -$4.1k loss on TWTR, -$11k YTD
2022-05-12 22:49:39Twitter ($TWTR) down 17% in pre-market as Elon Musk reconsiders bid to purchase company
2022-05-12 22:25:34Am I out of my margin call now? ***** TWTR.
2022-05-12 01:53:01YOLO TWTR short. I bet my entire net worth that papa elon will try to renegotiate the price of TWTR deal
2022-05-11 12:49:08Update 1: Arbitrage - TWTR looks juicy

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