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2022-01-27 05:57:22AMC appears to be testing the 200 week and 50 month moving averages
2022-01-27 02:10:14This fella sits on a throne of lies, in the spotlight now. #AMC #SQUEEZE #GME #MEME
2022-01-26 15:34:21Glichhhhhhhh AMC
2022-01-26 10:28:45Great DD about what happened today with the Fed and the market and how it will impact GME and AMC
2022-01-26 08:05:08My days is done just bought 3 shares of GME and 3 shares of AMC today!!!
2022-01-26 07:43:06How to make $1,000,000. I made a time lapse from last year from my AMC Holdings back then. If I can give advice, it s patience and never panicking. One thing though you can t be taught, you have to have gut instinct! Remember, make your money work for you instead of you working for it!
2022-01-26 06:24:18Just got permanently banned from ShortSqueeze for posting AMC and BBIG!
2022-01-26 06:02:50Hedgefunds right now shorting AMC,GME
2022-01-26 04:29:16They try to take us down . AMC GME PLTR
2022-01-26 01:56:45If you have money invested in the stock market AMC peeps, read this and share it.
2022-01-26 00:15:24Buy the Dip: Ford, Citigroup, AMC
2022-01-25 23:22:59New Data Shows AMC and GME Stock are Manipulated
2022-01-25 15:10:55Robinhood buy button + Jan 28th + AMC = ???
2022-01-25 14:00:26AMC APES MIGHT LITERALLY BE *****ED
2022-01-25 11:58:24AMC reportedly in advanced talks to refinance debt
2022-01-25 11:26:49Down 40%, past week in AMC call options
2022-01-25 11:14:46Pessimistically speaking, will the AMC squeeze happen in the next 12 months?
2022-01-25 05:02:55RETAILS ARE NOT SELLING New Data Shows AMC and GME Stock are Manipulated
2022-01-24 20:06:55Spreed the News the DIP in GME/AMC is officially over! #inversecramerstrategy
2022-01-24 17:12:08Great Depression 2.0 = $AMC ?
2022-01-24 16:52:53What will happen with GME/AMC if the market crashes??? Speak ape to me
2022-01-24 13:28:57Are we still holing on AMC?
2022-01-24 10:07:55Why is GME and AMC dropping?
2022-01-24 09:55:21AMC/GME!!!
2022-01-24 08:53:54POV of an AMC youtuber
2022-01-24 08:16:47Looks like I m going balls deep on GME and AMC. Always do the opposite of what Jimmy says.
2022-01-24 06:49:49AMC Bought 12,000 @ $14.26
2022-01-23 23:01:46If all AMC Apes hodl ing, then why?
2022-01-22 09:50:51Do u guys want me to tell you the next GME / AMC? I ll post it at 9pm.
2022-01-22 07:32:49U guys promise AMC still going to squeeze right
2022-01-21 13:56:05#AMC #GME now you fukced up! snatched this from @Bossblunts discord credit to who made this Market crash inbound.. Margin Calls inbound LFG
2022-01-21 03:17:30Bullish for AMC
2022-01-21 02:02:35AMC
2022-01-21 02:01:42How it feels to hold till the end. Diamond hands . AMC GME to the Moon
2022-01-21 00:58:46So is AMC heading to single digits? Is this the end of AMC or will it make a comeback?
2022-01-20 14:14:56Question about GME/AMC Tomorrow, what is the meaning of $21?
2022-01-20 10:14:50I m in too deep to sell now. ***** boys, it s moon or zero $AMC
2022-01-20 08:00:41ALL IN Buy Alert on $AMC
2022-01-20 02:26:45Anyone Else think AMC FD's Are Hella Cheap?
2022-01-20 01:28:15AMC investors distraught due to insider selling. Price is headed below $15
2022-01-19 17:51:31Patiently holding until AMC blows up again
2022-01-19 14:00:05AMC insiders continue to sell shares. Apes may literally be holding a zero value stock soon. There is zero possibility of anyone having any faith in this company!
2022-01-19 11:33:42If you ain t buying AMC right now or averaging down your dumb is all I ll say.
2022-01-19 07:55:35[MARCH 2021] Got a stimmy check from Dementia Joe, lost it all the battle of $14 (AMC). You think you can hurt ME????
2022-01-19 05:36:16AMC Stock Will Enter A Gamma Phase How Can Apes Make It Happen/How Wil...
2022-01-19 01:51:55The very important difference in TSLA and GME/AMC that people overlook.
2022-01-18 23:26:26How I feel watching all the GME and AMC YOLOS that happened a few weeks ago
2022-01-18 20:43:43WSB Ape calls Cramer and asks about AMC
2022-01-18 11:58:22$AMC 211K Open Call Contract 125 strike
2022-01-18 10:08:34Would now be a good time for AMC to get bought out at a $9 Billion Market Cap?
2022-01-18 09:30:55TO ALL THE AMC & GME HATERS LIKE MYSELF...
2022-01-18 08:11:19YOLO UPDATE ON AMC it's getting pretty interesting I tried to buy the dip but it kept dipping bought shares because I thought that was safer that buying options, I only got margin called like a dozen times, let's see what happens in the next couple weeks lol
2022-01-18 08:11:01AMC NFT and promise to investors it will never again be minted!!
2022-01-18 07:54:56Does anybody else feel like people are starting to lie about the amount of AMC shares they are buying? To look cool? Or because they are paid bots?
2022-01-18 07:22:51The latest GME/AMC strategy?
2022-01-18 07:06:12Gotta say this here since I've been suspended from amcstock for 7 days.... AMC to the !!!
2022-01-18 05:45:05I WIN GME/AMC/EVERYONE
2022-01-18 04:28:45AMC & GME Technical Analysis for *****s
2022-01-18 04:01:55Genuine question - AMC
2022-01-18 00:22:49What s up with the AMC
2022-01-17 23:04:42AMC is a $10 stock. Tell me why it's worth more?
2022-01-17 18:43:52Any Swedes heard anything about the I Own AMC NFT?
2022-01-17 13:36:17I mean after all, it s not as if AA just sold 50mil worth of stock and then bragged publicly about donating to charity for which he is able to write off taxes. But we re still bullish on AMC, right? Right?!
2022-01-17 10:19:21Ortex data AMC
2022-01-17 10:18:00Karma requirements for AMC stock sub
2022-01-17 10:04:27Spider-Man and AMC
2022-01-17 09:20:11AMC Anyone?
2022-01-17 08:57:13Is AMC Stock Still A Good Short Squeeze Play in 2022?

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