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2021-09-20 03:26:29 $ASTS How Douchebag Hedge Fund Bros Will Value AST SpaceMobile w/ $3.7M Position Update
2021-09-19 10:26:38$ASTS, tomorrow plan/an update and my positions cuz people kept asking
2021-09-17 03:29:26$ASTS rebound confirmation, get on the bus as this is the last stop before the moon
2021-09-17 02:18:30Update: TODAY $ASTS ***** Play has an extremely high potential of Gamma/Short SQUEEZING! We are still at preEjaculation stage...
2021-09-17 00:55:29 $ASTS: Gamma Squeeze, Fact or Fiction? Plus $6MM YOLO Update
2021-09-16 06:36:02$ASTS ***** Play with Gamma Squeeze potential/Short squeeze ready to Fully ejaculate!
2021-09-16 00:54:12Lord of the Stonks: One Stock to Connect them All!! $ASTS
2021-09-15 05:44:07$ASTS (Final Part): Universal 4k ***** streamed from anywhere on the planet Sea, Air, and Land!

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