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2023-01-24 16:18:13$BBBY M&A Regarding Bed Bath and Beyond being bought out Is the valuation really $2.3 Billion? $20.00 per share seems low, but it's a comfortable start Pic of me and the stock going into The Beyond:
2023-01-18 23:21:32BBBY!
2023-01-18 22:26:42Insider source says $BBBY is about to go ballistic
2023-01-18 16:28:07This is D Day, Join us in storming Normandy,BBBY
2023-01-18 09:34:01Sold BBBY calls - big risk, small gain
2023-01-17 12:14:35I can't wait until BBBY goes Bankrupt so I can stop seeing so many *****ing posts about it.
2023-01-17 09:50:16Don t fall in the BBBY trap. Bankruptcy imminent.
2023-01-17 08:29:28Having 1 BBBY share be like ..
2023-01-17 07:19:36BBBY - They say the Gamma Ramp is juicy. So, I built a little Baby one on my own (shares + calls)
2023-01-17 05:35:37People who bought $BBBY shares and calls today
2023-01-17 04:44:57BBBY
2023-01-17 01:29:56YOLOing puts on BABA, BBBY and TSLA. Hoping for a late Christmas. Sue me.
2023-01-17 00:52:13$BBBY If GameStop was 'Father,' then Bed Bath will be the 'Mother' of All Short Squeezes (MOASS). No shorts have closed - Short Interest still 600%. CTB now about 400%. Several funds will be 'Melvin'd' / 'Archegos'd' here. SEE IT:
2023-01-16 22:46:41Goodbye BBBY, you're back out! (again)
2023-01-16 22:03:01BBBY on the rise out of nowhere.
2023-01-16 13:03:34BBBY holders when the market opens
2023-01-16 12:26:59WallStreetBets\' Jaime Rogozinski: Opinions on $BBBY & Other "Meme" stocks | Full Interview
2023-01-16 10:56:17To $BBBY and Beyond!
2023-01-15 23:37:03$BBBY - "On an earnings call, CEO Sue Gove shed light on the scenario that BBBY is facing as it pleads with vendors to keep providing invent
2023-01-15 22:47:26BBBY Why Its Not Too Late, But Also A Risky Decision
2023-01-15 12:34:26BBBY holder you alright?
2023-01-15 04:34:09new to this, $BBBY?
2023-01-15 04:08:43$BBBY - I didn t join this run but never posted my gains from last run. Can t lose your gains if you stop playing

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