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2022-01-25 13:51:44If $FB goes up after their ER I wanna buy $20k worth of $SNAP calls. Why shouldn t I ? Closed their $28/share gap. Top Meta play. Augmentum reality glasses. Bluh bluh bluh, yeah, their revenues won t be big, but still, I think their guidance will be excellent. What do you think. Kinda dumb I know
2022-01-21 02:21:35ALRIGHT, BUCKLE UP! Single stock options worth $1.2 trillion set to expire - LARGE SWINGS LIKELY TO HAPPEN ON $MSFT $APPL $TSLA $FB $GOOGL
2022-01-20 15:08:06PUTs: 1/21 - end of month - GME, BA, FB (details in comments)

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