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2022-01-25 12:44:26SOFI Price vs EPS Estimate Chart
2022-01-22 06:35:53$SOFI - Undervalued. Oversold. A screaming buy.
2022-01-21 14:25:51I had and extra $36 in my account yesterday. Seen some $6 puts @$14.50 on SOFI and figured why not
2022-01-20 10:39:32#SOFI
2022-01-20 03:07:38$2400 -> $110,000 in 2 days on SOFI calls. This still isn t enough to take all of your wives to dinner.
2022-01-20 02:59:39$SOFI APES COME ON IN
2022-01-20 02:32:07You guys do realize $SOFI is not a meme stonk, right?
2022-01-18 15:33:51Is SOFI news going to be the catalyst to start gamma squeezes across the market?
2022-01-18 12:03:56$SOFI is heading to the moon after the bank charter got approved in the after hours today.
2022-01-18 11:11:32SOFI Squeeze. This is my current position. Knew bank charter was imminent. You re going to want to board this train.
2022-01-18 11:05:52Potential gamma squeeze on SOFI?
2022-01-18 10:18:44SOFI gets approval to become a bank!
2022-01-18 09:49:37SOFI bank charter conditionally approved!

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