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2022-08-13 00:26:31$VERU. Covid drug decreased time in ICU by 13 days on average. ICU for Covid costs 3k per day. There are 40,000 hospitalizations per month for Covid without a surge. That means 20 billion dollars saved annually by VERUs sabizabulin. FDA will approve and government can t wait. Huge for US and VERU.
2022-08-12 03:17:38VERU gains update..multi-day runner!
2022-08-11 13:01:19VERU ran 36% today on bullish guidance - 41% SI and FDA approval coming up
2022-08-11 12:13:45VERU vs BBBY
2022-08-10 21:37:56Been telling you cunts VERU was about to explode. And what?
2022-08-10 06:11:10Most hilarious marketing campaign ever by VERU?
2022-08-09 00:47:15VERU ready for blast off.
2022-08-07 01:01:27$VERU. TLDR summary. Crazy biotech play. 50% shorted. About to explode on new Covid drug that cut death by 50% in phase 3 halted for overwhelming success. Oppenheimer and Jeffries both predicting EUA (approval) issued this month by the FDA. 1 billion market cap 10X - 30X possible. $35 min target.
2022-08-05 06:11:53Chart on VERU.. I couldn t make this more obvious..
2022-08-04 23:08:08Told you $VERU was about to fly You let hedge cucks scare you..
2022-08-04 20:33:17VERU will make a lot of people rich soon.
2022-08-04 11:27:59VERU is seriously about to explode.

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